Dear deviantART,

A random picture of yourself naked is not nude art. It’s just a random picture of yourself, except naked. Nude art involves artful posing, backgrounds that aren’t just your own plain bedroom, and so on and so forth. Generally speaking, there’s something either graceful or scintillating (possibly both) about nude art, without it necessarily having to be entirely sexual. A plain, no-nonsense picture of a naked man/woman does nothing and is therefore just a photograph. For the record, deviantART is not a website for adult personals, so there’s no point just uploading a random picture of yourself with no clothes on. If you’re going to do so and pretend it qualifies as “nude art,” at least pretend to be slightly artistic about it.

A picture of your own erect penis is not nude art, either. It’s just a picture of your penis.

If you think either of the above is “art” by any stretch of the concept, please re-think your tastes. Because they suck. Horribly.

Yours in fellowship,
Lewis Medeiros

P.S. Applying grayscale to a picture of your penis isn’t enough to make it art, by the way. Just saying.