Hello, ladies and gentlemen, hamsters and gerbils, rabbits and reptiles! It is I, Solaris Paradox, your very own resident procrastinator extraordinaire, here to inform anyone who still gives a fecal nugget about this blog that I am not dead and have no intention of abandoning my efforts to mouth off about videogames on the Internet in my spare time! I am, however, also here to apologize for neglecting to post any updates for the better part of a year. I had intended to keep this blog alive with a steady stream of reviews and editorials, but I — in my despair at having absolutely no success finding a job or source of income — kind of lost my passion for doing much of anything. I have, however, recently enrolled at ITT Technical Institute, an event that has re-sparked some of my old, lost enthusiasm. So here I am, bringing this dead blog back to life.

And let me tell you, it’s no mean feat trying to track down a necromancer who’ll sell his services in the price range of the hopelessly unemployed. I defy anyone reading this to try it sometime.

There are only a couple of other things worth mentioning. First and most practical of the bunch, the commentary group that I run with over on YouTube (BrainScratchComms) has recently ascended to Partner status, with income from ad revenue being split four ways between myself, Nayrman214, SomecallmeJohnny, and ExandShadow. So I do at least have a small trickle of income to subsist on during the course of my upcoming college education and its accompanying hunt for real work. On a less practical note, much of my abundant off-time over the past year has been spent writing fanfiction that only marginally surpasses the usual craptacular works that smother those rare gems of decency one might occasionally stumble across on FanFiction.Net. I think the fact that four of my stories are “gamer from the real world gets transported to the universe of [insert game here] and has a chance to screw with the timeline” tropes speaks somewhat to my lack of conceptual originality.

My current gaming addiction is Final Fantasy XIII-2, which I’ll be spending a good amount of time playing through before I actually get around to reviewing it. In the meantime, I’ll see about putting together a review of Final Fantasy XIII and perhaps a possible “we’ve been waiting six years and counting, yet we’re still somehow psyched enough to give a shyte” impressions article on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I will say that my impression of XIII-2 is currently quite favorable, although I want to play a more completionist run and have a go at the recently-released Snow and Lightning DLC story episodes before I put together a definitive review.

So, then: this has been Solaris Paradox, great sage and eminent sodaholic. Until next posting, I bid you adieu.